Translation Specialist

I am multilingual, fluent in English, Farsi and German, both written and verbal. I also know a little bit of Arabic, Spanish and French. I am skilled at providing translation services for a variety of individuals and organizations, helping them to attain their objectives, expand their market internationally and adhere to local regulations and document requirements. In addition to simply translating the information provided me, I strive to completely understand my client’s needs and the subject matter I’m working on to impart the appropriate cultural nuances into the finished product. I’m skilled in the Microsoft Office Suite and internet publishing products and technologies.

Professional Experience

Transportation Facilitator

San Diego, CA                                                                                                             2006 – Present

Provided individual and group transportation to residents and visitors throughout the Southern California Area.

·         Helped foreign visitors navigate throughout San Diego and surrounding areas, providing both transportation and interpretation services, thereby helping to enhance their experience.

·         Became familiar with the fastest routes, local attractions and other entertainment and dining venues of interest to visitors to the area.

·         Maintained a perfect driving record during this period.

Head of Business

Faranegar Andishan Company                                  Tehran, Iran                                2004 – 2006

Worked on a team involved with the construction of the Tehran International Tower, which is a 56-story building in Tehran, and is the tallest residential building in Iran.

·         Helped the company win the bid to procure and provide drywalls and suspended ceilings for this multi-million-dollar project.

·         Coordinated activity with international suppliers from all over the globe to procure the building materials. Suppliers included companies from Knauf, Great Britain, and the Philippines.

·         Assisted with translation activities during conference calls and working with project related documents.


Translation Projects

Microsoft Xbox Localization Project               English to Farsi                                    United States

Steel Buildings Product Catalogue                 English to Farsi                                    Jordan

Real Estate Brochure Translation & DTP       English to Farsi                                    United States

ICO Brochure                                                     Farsi to English                                    Switzerland

Book Translation                                               English to Farsi                                    United States

Technical Brochures                                         German to Farsi                                  Netherlands

Multiple Projects – LUND Languages             German to Farsi                                  Germany

Birth Certificates                                                Farsi to French and English              Switzerland


Tehran Azad University                                 Tehran, Iran                                            2003 – 2004

Masters Level Classes in German Translation

Tehran Azad University                                 Tehran, Iran                                            1999 – 2003

Bachelor’s Degree in German Translation

Yazd Azad University                                     Yazd, Iran                                                1994 – 1997

Undergraduate Courses in the Electrical Engineering Program


Österreichiches Sprachdiplom Stufe 2           Cultural Section of Austrian Embassy

Österreichiches Sprachdiplom Stufe 1           Cultural Section of Austrian Embassy



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