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Brief Introduction

My name is Fereydoon Bazadeh Khorramshahi and I have been working as a Freelance Translator for the past 20 years. I have a bachelors degree in German Language ( Übersetzung von der deutschen Sprache ) from Tehran Azad University, and got my ÖSD1 and ÖSD2 certifcates ( Österreichishes Sprachdiplom Deutsch ) from the Cultural Section of the Austrian embassy in Tehran, Iran ( Österreichisches Kulturforum Teheran ) . I have Studied English from ..Read More.

What Language Pairs and directions ?

I translate from German and English to / from Farsi. If you need a text translated from

  • English > Farsi and vice versa

  • German > Persian and vice versa (Deutsch > Persisch und umgekehrt)

Contact me to get the best quotation and turn-around time.

How different am I from other Farsi Translators ?

  1. I am doing researches on different subjects and try to chose the best vocabulary for the translation job I am doing specifically. If there is not such a word I will crosscheck multiple references and will try to ask experts about the subject matter.

  2. I do speak an older version of Farsi / Persian that is spoken by Iranian Zoroastrians and that language is some sort of making me to choose purer Farsi words rather than using Arabic loan words, which is the tendency of many translators.

  3. I have studied different languages like German, Spanish, French and I would be able …read more

Do I offer certified / legal text translations to and from Farsi?

The answer is No. I would love to do that, but the problem is that ATA ( American Translators Association ) does not offer tests for Farsi / Persian Language. As a Farsi Translator, I offer freelance translation for webpages, catalogs, brochures, technical manuals, webpages, books and etc.

Farsi Translation Rates

There are different factors that will affect the translation rates, among which could be technicality.. read more

Farsi or Persian?

There has always been a debate on how to use the term, when referring to the language spoken in Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. I have gathered 4 articles that pop up first on Google, when you type in “Farsi or Persian” . I also have added a page here to discuss the matter and add my own opinion. You can download a PDF format of the file from Here or go direct to the page and download it from the link from the bottom of the page.

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